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Уважаемые господа учёные!
Готовим к выпуску следующие номера журналов! Приглашаем опубликовать Ваши научные статьи в наших журналах мы будем рады сотрудничеству с Вами! Предоставляем скидки на публикации до 10% ! Организуем стажировки, семинары и конференции в Праге! Ответим на все Ваши вопросы!

Dear researchers,
We are pleased to invite you to publish your articles in our journals! We are glad to say that we prepare the next numbers of journals!
Let us present you our journals, please. We publish 4 journals total covering all topics you can think of (from psychology to nuclear science). Three are published in Prague, Czech Republic and one of high quality in London, United Kingdom.
Our acceptance rate of articles is very high as we closely cooperate with authors on what and how to improve and also our response time is usually in few days so the authors get feedback fast.
We have published articles for authors from more than 30 countries so far and we continue to increase in time as we offer competitive quality for researchers as our journals are indexed by respected services.
Among our frequent partners and clients belong universities, educational centers, also non-organizations and companies that share the value of knowledge, innovation and communication.
Please visit our website for more information on paper submission:
Research Journal of Economics, Business and ICT ISSN 2045-3345 (London)
European Journal of Business and Economics ISSN 1804-5839 (Prague)
Social and Natural Sciences Journal ISSN 1804-4158 (Prague)
European Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical Journal ISSN 1804-5804 (Prague)

Magazines are published every two months.

Contact: The manager of international educational programs Svetlana Skripko
Nam. W. Churchilla 2, 130 00, Praha 3, Czech Republic
Tel. +420-234-462-023, mob. +420-775-571-857